Stokenham Primary School – PTFA

The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association raises funds to enhance the quality of our children’s education and to improve their school life.  Funds from the PTFA help to make our lovely primary school a thriving environment and an amazing place for our children to spend their childhood in.

Every parent with a child who attends Stokenham Area Primary School is automatically part of the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. There is a core committee of parents and teachers. New members are always welcome, but even if you do not wish to become a committee member, we always need helpers at events and would welcome any help offered.

Your child benefits from the hard work of the PTFA – please offer your time, no matter how little, it will be much appreciated.  Every year we lose key members of the PTFA as children move on to secondary school.  We are therefore keen for parents to get involved at an early stage.  Stokenham Area Parents, Teachers & Friends Association meet around once per term to organise fundraising events.  The meetings are an informal get together and we are always pleased to see new faces.

Feel free to speak with PTFA members at school.

Mary Roberts
Chair, PTFA

PTFA News:  July 2018

As another school year comes to a close, here is a round up of all our events this year, the monies raised and what your donations are used for.

Our Fundraising
Autumn Term
Film Night £153.50
Christmas Cards £455.95
Quiz Night £304.00
Christmas Events £1835.81

Spring Term
School Disco £483.20
Smarties Tubes £178.60

Summer Term
Sports Day £245.00
Summer Fair £1512.21

Throughout the year we also have other ways to raise money.
– 3 Bags to School collections raised £228.00 – filling the bag provided with reusable old clothes/shoes/cuddly toys/bags.
– raised £547.33 – if you shop online, you can register your details with this organisation which give a donation to the PTFA based on the money you spend.
– Foreign Coin collections raised £105.17 – Leftover coins/notes from your foreign holidays can be exchanged for £££ for our school.
– 2nd Hand Uniform raised £25.00 – Your child’s too small clothes are sold on to others who can use them. We also sell uniform at the two fairs, so it is in excess of £100 over the year.
Overall this year, all your support has raised over £6,000 for our School!

Donations to School
Every year the PTFA funds various costs for the School. We pay for the expenses to keep the school pool clean, we give gifts to the Foundation children at Christmas and gifts to the Year 6 leavers in July. This year we have also purchased flower seeds for the gardening club.
Over and above these expenses, when a big project comes up we give a donation to improve our school environment or equipment.
This year we donated £10,000 towards the new trim trail in the KS1 playground!
Your PTFA needs You!
All our PTFA members agree that the time spent organising and running our events is so rewarding. We can never have too many helpers, so if you would be interested in joining, please speak to the office and they will pass on your details to us. Alternatively, please come to a meeting, they are advertised on the newsletters, you would be most welcome!

You can also keep track of our activities on our Facebook page – Stokenham Primary School and PTFA. If you haven’t already joined, please do. Please note, we do have to confirm with the school that people are eligible, therefore it may take a few days for your request to be approved.
We hope you all agree it’s been a great year and we look forward to meeting you!

Mary Roberts
Chair, PTFA