Tune in to Spotlight next Thursday to hopefully see our KS2 children on television!

This morning our children in Year 3 to 6 listened with great interest to local residents talk about the Hallsands Tragedy which occurred 100 years ago next week. They were totally captivated to hear how the village was washed away yet no one lost their lives. Numerous photographs taken throughout the last century were shown to the children and they listened to descendants of people who were involved in the tragedy at Hallsands. Our gratitude is extended to the Lynn and Trout families as well as other members of the local community, for sharing their village and family history with us.

30 second Sports Council Challenge

To raise the profile of sport and physical activity even higher at our school, the  Sports Council will be running a weekly challenge. Every Tuesday break time they will organise a ’30 Second Sports Council Challenge’ where KS2 children can participate and compete in a variety of exercises set by the Sports Council.  The winning girl and boy from each year group (3 – 6) will receive a certificate in Celebration Assembly and have their name announced in the newsletter.

This terms topic

Our topic this term is ‘Patterns’. We have been enjoying looking at the stories of Elmer the Elephant. As a treat we are going to have an Elmer dress up day! Please come to school dressed in as many different colours as you can, just like Elmer (this will therefore be a non-school uniform day for Foundation Stage). We are also going to make rainbow cupcakes; it’s going to be great.

Santa Claus at the Donkey Sanctuary

Every Wednesday a few of our children visit The Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge, but just before Christmas their week their visit was even more special; after walking through a woodland walk of Christmas trees they met with Santa Claus, rode in his sleigh, followed by a delicious Christmas Dinner.

Stokenham School become members of the WWF

Stokenham Primary School has become a member   of the WWF and after a vote, has adopted a snow leopard. We hope that by being actively involved with the WWF as a school family, our children will learn the importance of conservation, the impact of climate change and sustainability as well as working towards protecting this endangered species.

Currently some of our Year 6 children; Harry S, Alfie, Oliver, Sophie M and Katy are creating a display to keep all of the children informed with facts about snow leopards and conservation. Please look out for the display when you are next in school.