Children in Need Day

Blue Peter Reading Judges

This week our Blue peter reading judges have been reading ‘The boy who made everyone laugh’ This was their first choice of book and they are also reading ‘Good News’ and the ‘Last Bear’. Their views so far include from Oliver: “My favourite book is ‘The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh’ because it’s quite funny and it’s about a boy who dreams to be a stand-up comedian.”

Felicity: “My favourite book is ‘The Last Bear’. It’s about a girl and her father who receive a letter to stay on an island and the girl becomes friends with the bear.”

Once we have read all the books, we are allowed to keep them which we are very excited about We are all thoroughly enjoying reading them.

Festive Date for Your Diaries

We are planning to hold our Christmas Carol Concert on Thursday 16th December. It will take place outside by torchlight after school from 4.30 to 5.00pm and all are welcome. The children who have been attending our Choir and Music Club after school are preparing some songs to entertain us and to join in with. We hope that you will come along wrapped up warm, with your torches, a little tinsel on your Christmas hats and ready to sing!

Exciting News – Blue Peter Book Awards

We have been selected as one of 12 schools in Great Britain to be a reading school for the Blue Peter book awards. Congratulations to all of our wonderful volunteers who did not know what the reading project would involve when they volunteered.  We as a school will be involved in reviewing the shortlisted books selected by Blue Peter and will pick a winner from each category. Blue Peter will announce the two winning books in Spring 2022. A huge thank you to Mrs Cross for organising our entry and supporting our readers.