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The focus for this term will be to raise children’s confidence in counting and writing numbers to 10. Alongside this, we will be investigating measures, looking at shapes and participating in a variety of problem solving activities. It is vital that all children practise counting and their number formation at home as well as in school. All children will have a Guided Maths session lead by either Mrs Page or Mrs Newman once a week.


This term we will be focusing on both fiction and non-fiction texts, which will include looking at Monkey Puzzle and Dear Zoo (linking with our Animal Topic), as well as writing book reviews and writing captions. In our Phonics lessons we are concentrating on learning our initial sounds and the corresponding letters. We will practise our letter formation (by using our ‘magic pen’ and writing in our books). All the sounds learnt in the Phonics sessions will be sent home each week in the sound tins, please check these weekly, as they will be updated. There will be weekly Guided Reading sessions for each child so please ensure your child is reading every night/ as often as you can. Each child will also have an individual read each week.

Foundation Subjects/ Units:

During the Autumn Term we will be following the ‘Animals’ unit. Within this unit the children will be able to enjoy a variety of experiences from animal printing to finding lost animals on a Welly Walk!
The activities which have been planned will cover these strands in the following ways:

Strand One – Independence and Interdependence

The children will learn about diversity and have opportunities for developing new skills. They will work in group situations as well as alone and alongside others. They will learn about acceptable behaviour and rules, responsibilities and rights, especially in relation to the natural environment.

Strand Two – Communicating

The children will learn about using gesture and expressive body movement for communication and will have opportunities to enjoy using their own language. They will listen and respond appropriately and use words, pictures, print, models and ICT to represent ideas. They will sing songs and enjoy using music, art, drama and dance.

Strand Three – Exploring

Throughout this theme there will be opportunities for the children to make decisions, choose their own materials and take some responsibility for their own learning. They will spend some time taking part in dramatic and symbolic play and will use a variety of strategies for exploring and making sense of the world. They will classify groups of animals and learn about the natural environment.

Strand Four – Healthy Living

During the course of this theme the children will make choices and learn about paying attention and concentrating.

Forest Schools

We are extremely lucky to have Mrs Moore taking our Foundation Stage class out for a Forest Schools session every Friday.

Here is a little note from Mrs Moore:
Foundation children will be introduced to their Forest School area. An important part of Forest School is learning about and respecting boundaries. A lot of time is spent so that the children are confident with their outdoor learning environment and understanding where they can play. Foundation children will experience all the seasons throughout the year and will learn to dress appropriately according to the weather. They will be introduced to the Forest School rules, for example, learning to listen for and respond to the whistle, learning how to approach and leave the fire pit, learning about the different areas of play and resources available. They will find out about our native trees, plants and insects and learn how to recognise some of them. They will have the opportunity to toast marshmallows on the fire and as their confidence grows participate in other cooking activities with adult support.


Key Stage One is following the Real PE learning platform. These sessions will focus on key skills and co-ordination. All children will get an extended P.E session on Wednesday afternoon led by Mrs Darvell. During this term our Federation PE lead, Mr Jacobson will also be teaching Foundation Stage each Thursday for an additional session.


This term every child will continue to develop their social skills, learn how to get on with each other and to have respect and responsibility. This will be achieved through a variety of methods including circle times and class councils. Our topic this term:

  • Health and wellbeing


We will be looking at different songs by a range of musicians, playing instruments in time to the beat and understanding how sounds can create different moods and effects.


In Foundation Stage we ask you to support your child’s learning by reading his/her book every night and would also recommend that you enjoy reading and discussing a longer, high-quality text to your child, especially if s/he is still developing reading fluency. Feel free to check with Miss Hannaford for appropriate children’s stories.There may be the occasional extra piece of work that we will ask the children to complete, perhaps to research information for our topic work.

Mrs Page and Mrs Newman

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mrs Page or Mrs Newman.

Overview Autumn Term 2020 Reception Topics