Welcome to Year 1


The focus for this term will be addition and subtraction within 20. It is important that all children continue to practise their number bonds to 20. The children will also be looking at place value within 50, counting in multiples of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and learning about measurement involving length, height, weight and volume.


This term we are continuing to focus on a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Year 1 will be looking at writing letters and stories.

We will build upon the children’s existing skills and help them to improve their punctuation, sentence structure and handwriting, in particular letter formation and size. There will be weekly spelling tests and guided reading sessions for each child so please ensure your child is reading every night and practise their spellings for every Friday. It is essential that all children should come to their guided reading sessions fully prepared. In Year 2 we will also be looking at comprehension tasks.


Year 1 will be looking at:

Animals including humans – Ourselves and Pets. The children will be naming, drawing and labeling the basic parts of the human body, identifying and naming a range of animals and also describing the structure of different animal features.

They will be exploring and comparing the differences between things that are living, dead, and things that have never been alive and identifying that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited and describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants, and how they depend on each other.


Our topic this term is ‘People and their Communities’, we’ll be finding out:

  • The world’s seven continents and five oceans
  • The human and physical geography of a small area in several non-European countries
  • How to read images, maps, atlases and globes


Our topic is ‘The Greatest Explorers’. The children will:

  • Know where the people they study fit within a chronological framework.
  • Develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to
  • the passing of time.
  • Understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past.
  • Ask and answer questions, choosing and using sources to show that they know
  • and understand the key features of events.
  • Use parts of sources to show that they know and understand key features of events.
  • Use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time


This term Year 1 and 2 will be looking at print making. We will be making prints of treasure islands. We will be:

  • printing with found objects
  • creating a print of a treasure island
  • researching an artist

Design Technology

Year 1 and 2

The children will be planning and creating a healthy snack using a range of fruit and vegetables. They will be finding out where different food comes from. They will be labeling different fruit and vegetables and naming different ingredients. They will be using a range of utensils and equipment.


Year 1 will be looking at the units ‘We are painters’ and ‘We are collectors’. The children will:

  • Select and use appropriate painting tools to create and change images on the computer
  • understand how this use of ICT differs from using paint and paper
  • Create an illustration for a particular purpose
Know how to save, retrieve and change their work
  • Collect images of different types on animals
  • Explore ways in which pictures can be organised.


The children will be following simple rules, playing competitive games, using turns to travel round circuits and building a combination of different movements.


The children will continue to develop their social skills, learn how to build relationships, have respect for each other and responsibility. This will be achieved through a variety of methods including circle times. This term we will be focusing on Relationships and Changes.


Year 1 and 2 will be focusing on Islam and Christianity. They will be reading stories that are important to Muslims, finding out about messages to Muhammad and introducing places of worship. They will also be looking at why Easter matters to Christians. Within this unit we will be identifying different Easter symbols and reading the Easter story.


In Years 1 and 2, we ask you to continue to support your child’s learning by listening to your child read his/her book every night and also recommend that you enjoy reading and discussing a longer, high-quality text to your child, especially if s/he is still developing reading fluency. We have allocated books on Rising Stars for your child to access colour band books at home. We aim to have learned the 2, 5 and 10 times tables by the end of Year 2 and will be asking children to practise these at home.

Mrs. Prescott and Miss Saunders

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mrs Prescott or Miss Saunders.

Overview Spring Term 2021 Year 1 Topics