Welcome to Year 3

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break although it probably was a little different than usual. Going into this term we unfortunately are back in lockdown and learning remotely, but as a school we are in a good position to make sure the disruption will be minimized as much as possible.

Going forward from w/c 11/1/20, I will endeavor to get the resources and lessons up on Seesaw the night before for the following days’ work, so any resources can be printed off in advance. I understand the difficulties of remote learning and will do my best to ensure this is as easy as possible for everyone. Please keep communicating via Seesaw or Mrs. Lewis if you are struggling to get the work done or need extra help.

Below is what we will be studying this term, which we hope you will find useful.


In Class 3 we will be continuing with our focus on multiplication and division, specifically the four- and eight-times table before moving onto use multiplication using formal and informal methods. We will then be consolidated our knowledge we have learnt so far through using money. After half term, we will be looking at statistics, plus area and perimeter.


This term in Class 3 we will be studying The Winter’s Child as our fictional text followed by the non-fiction text Ask Dr. Fisher which will tie into previous learning about animals. We will continue to develop children’s literacy skills and help them to improve their punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary and handwriting. There will be daily spelling practice and a set of spellings to learn each week, so it is important that children practice these ready for a test on Friday. Every child will have a daily class guided reading session, with a focus on comprehension skills including inference and deduction. We also have the new Accelerated Reader scheme in place for when the children are back, so if they can continue to read and test themselves as much as possible to improve inference and comprehension further.


This subject will be taught separately from our topics and children will develop key scientific skills through hands-on, investigative sessions. We will be studying two topics this term:

Year 3:  1) Forces and Magnetism              2) Light

Fingers crossed when we are back in school after half-term, we can make up our Forest School time also.


Class 3 will continue on from our learning from the Stone Age, looking to compare and contrast through use of sources, both the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Specifically looking at the innovations as a result of this new technology and what this meant for British people at that time.


Class 3 will be exploring the world around us, looking at different mapping styles and which maps are suitable for finding specific information. We will also be learning about latitude, longitude and how these are used to pinpoint locations and the use of grid references on maps to find landmarks using both online and offline methods.


About artists who create sculptures such as Andy Goldsworthy and Antony Gormley. How to create textures using both man-made and natural materials. Designing and creating our own sculptures using clay. Evaluating our work and the work of others.


This term children will continue to look at Hinduism, moving on from our topic of deities, to investigate what it means to be a Hindu today. After half-term we will then be examining what Christians believe around the salvation, with a focus on Good Friday.

Design Technology

Class 3 will be learning about how to create fixed pivot and loose pivot levers and linkages.

Exploring, designing, creating and evaluating different leavers and linkages to create our own moving cards.


In Class 3 we will be introducing them to exploring sounds through the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley followed by musical poetry after half-term. There will also be further opportunities for music which will link to other subjects.


While we are in lockdown, in Class 3 we will be creating a unique dance individually following the Chance Dance approach pioneered by Merce Cunningham. When we are back in school after half-term, we will use net and wall games to explore how to utilise space in a game.


During lockdown it is really important that pupils are able to think about their mental health and maintain friendships. This term, children will be focusing on recognising positive healthy relationships, maintaining friendships and how actions affect everyone. There will also be lessons on identifying feelings in others and responding to how others are feeling.


We will develop speaking and listening skills in lively practical sessions alongside learning about French culture. In Year 3 we will be able to talk about days, months and most importantly when their birthday is! After half-term we will work through a French fairy tale and be able to describe it to the class.


We ask you to support your child’s learning by reading with him/her every night. Reading is so important for the children to be able to access the rest of the curriculum. In Year 3, we aim to have learnt 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables by the end of the year and will be asking children to practice these at home. The Times Tables Rockstar app is a great way to do this. Alongside weekly spellings on a Friday, there may be the occasional extra piece of learning that we will ask the children to complete, perhaps to research information for our topic work.

Many thanks for your continued support for your child’s learning.

Best wishes,

James Branch

Year 3

This Year’s Curriculum

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This Term’s Topics

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