Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the summer term! Spring was definitely a roller-coaster ride with lockdowns and online learning, thank you all again for your efforts and hard work in keeping your children engaged, hopefully this term will be a little more straight forward. This term I am very sad to have Mrs. Widger leave us for year 5, she will be sorely missed, but I am excited to welcome back the very talented Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Lansdale into the fold.

Going forward from w/c 26/4/21, we are starting our football club which will be year 3 only. I chose this as the children missed the chance to play any team invasion games over the winter due to covid, plus we have some keen footballers both in the boys and girls! After half-term this will carry on, but there will also be an athletics club in order to get ready for a possible sports day and after a fierce vote off in the classroom, a drawing club.

Below is what we will be studying this term, which we hope you will find useful.

In Class 3 we will be continuing with our focus on fractions before half-term, building on last terms recap of year 2 fractions and incorporating new concepts such as equivalent fractions and covering adding/subtracting fractions in more detail. We will also be looking at the concept of time in more detail, in particular the 24-hour clock alongside properties of shapes plus mass and capacity after half-term. On a Wednesday we will have our times-table test and there will also be a lateral thinking problem-solving session on a Friday.

This term in Class 3 we will be studying the short film el Caminante, where we will be building on previous knowledge around building complex sentences, adding speech and paragraphing. After half[1]term we will be looking at the non-fiction text about Everest and within that, creating an information piece and different verb forms. There will be daily spelling practice and a set of spellings to learn each week, so it is important that children practice these ready for a test on Friday. Every child will have a daily class guided reading session, with a focus on comprehension skills including inference. Now we are back in school, we can carry on with the Accelerated Reader scheme, which is showing some positive results. We encourage the children to choose books they will enjoy within their range and do as many quizzes as possible to boost comprehension skills.

This subject will be taught separately from our topics and children will develop key scientific skills through hands-on, investigative sessions. Over the summer term we will be looking at the topic of plants, from the conditions for growth to how water is transported within them from roots to shoots. We will have a visit from the Devon Waste Education Team with some hands-on work around composting and Mrs. Moore has charged us with creating a wildflower garden in the woods and a new habitat for insects which we are already half-through digging! There will also be opportunities to garden and grow some vegetables alongside our learning as well as a forensic science experience.

In History we are moving on from the Bronze Age and Iron Age to take a more local and relevant view of history for the children, as we dive into the history of the local area and look at why is it so important to know the history of where you live.

A very exciting topic this term, we will be exploring coasts both figuratively and hopefully literally. We will be looking at different types of coastlines, how they change over time and the positives and negatives of human development in those areas. As we are incredibly lucky to live so close to such an amazing beach, I was hoping to organise an afternoon studying Slapton Sands, but this is pending a risk-assessment and parental volunteers. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

This term our topic will be based around painting and in particular how to mix and blend colours. We will draw inspiration from the Masai tribes of Africa and the stunning landscape paintings they produce.

This term children will switch back to looking at the kingdom of god in Christianity and the impact of Pentecost. After half-term we will then be examining how and why do people mark significant events in their lives, comparing and contrasting different viewpoints from different beliefs.

Design Technology
Class 3 will be innovating simple circuits and switches and looking at how to include simple programming when designing a circuit.

In Class 3 we will be introducing the children to the groovy sounds of disco through listening and appraising classics from Chaka Khan and Nile Rodgers. The children will then have a go at putting together their own disco song. After half-term we will change pace, looking at classical or traditional music from around the world.

In PE for the first half-term, we are looking at striking and fielding games, in particular rounders, with an emphasis on correct throwing and catching skills. There will be a skill-based session on a Monday, with the chance to put it into practice during a game on Friday. After half-term we will move onto athletics and swimming, as well as our OAA day being at Forest and Beach on the 21st June.

We recognize that PSHE is continuing to be very important for the children, especially after lockdown. This half-term we will reflect on healthy behaviour patterns around eating, sleep and exercise followed by looking at how the children can make a difference in their local community after half-term.

After some superb work during lockdown, we are continuing with descriptions of colour, size and length through the lens of body parts and clothing. Pupils will also look at using different conjunctions to extend their sentences.

We ask you to support your child’s learning by reading with him/her every night. Reading is so important for the children to be able to access the rest of the curriculum. In Year 3, we aim to have learnt 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables by the end of the year and will be asking children to practice these at home. The Times Tables Rockstar app is a great way to do this. Alongside weekly spellings on a Friday, there may be the occasional extra piece of learning that we will ask the children to complete, perhaps to research information for our topic work.

Many thanks for your continued support for your child’s learning.

Best wishes, James Branch

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

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This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mr Branch or Mrs Cowling.

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