Welcome to Year 5

Welcome back after what we hope has been a lovely summer break. We are so happy school is beginning to go back to some form of ‘normality’ after what has been an unprecedented couple of years with the Covid19 pandemic. We have listed below the themes for each subject area that we will be following this term which we hope you will find useful. Timetables and information will also be posted and updated on SeeSaw which we will continue to run and monitor once year groups have been moved over.

Core Subjects

We will begin the term looking at Place Value, before moving on to ensure that children can confidently solve mathematical questions using all four operations quickly and effectively. It is vital that all children practise their times tables and number bonds regularly so that they have rapid recall of these facts.

We will focus on a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction. We will be ensuring that children build on the skills they already have and encouraging them to become more confident in using a variety of punctuation in their writing. There will also be regular handwriting lessons so that the actual process of writing does not delay putting thoughts down into words. There will be weekly spellings which will now be taken from the Spelling Curriculum ‘No Nonsense spelling’ from Babcock. There will also be regular extended writing sessions giving children more opportunities to practise independently applying the skills they have learnt in a variety of contexts.

Our reading curriculum involves daily whole class guided reading lessons based around the class reader and other texts which have curriculum links to our topics. We have planned for progression, diversity and challenge using carefully planned texts that are exciting and relevant to the children’s learning whilst allowing the opportunity for development of key comprehension, inference and retrieval skills.

In History children will be studying the Anglo-Saxons. They will use a variety of primary and secondary sources to note similarities and differences of past societies and cultures and how that relates to our civilisation today.

This term will be spent studying geographical skills and concepts through the topics ‘How our country is changing’. Children will again use a variety of sources to navigate their way through.

We will be studying the unit ‘Forces’ which looks at a variety of different areas such as gravity, air, water resistance and friction and ‘Earth and Space’. The children will learn and understand specific concepts and be given the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a variety of situations. They will be encouraged to record their findings in a variety of ways.

This term in our computing curriculum we will look at Programming – Planning, writing and testing computer programs for digital devices through Scratch. After half-term we investigate Computational Thinking through algorithms, logical reasoning and decomposing problems into smaller parts in order to aid solving.

This term we will be learning about Christianity with an enquiry question: Creation and Science: Conflicting or complementary? They will look at a text from Genesis in the Bible to learn how Christians believe the world was created and compare this to scientific views on cosmology and evolution. The children will look at religious texts, along with views from other religious and non-religious people to form well-rounded ideas and opinions on the topic.

Everyone in the unit will be discussing and contemplating Healthy Lifestyles (what can positively and negatively affect our health and wellbeing), Mindfulness (strategies to help us keep mentally healthy) and Keeping Safe (online safety and making positive choices to keep themselves safe). This will be done through a variety of methods including circle time, whole class discussions and assemblies. We are also having extra PSHE sessions to help children transition back to school life after COVID 19 and supporting them to identify different strategies to help if they feel worried or anxious.

In DT Year 5 will also be celebrating different cultures through food.

This term Year 5 and 6 will be having music lessons with Mrs Carter learning about all the different ways music can bring us together. They will look at a variety of different music styles throughout the ages.

Year 5 will be enhancing their reading and speaking skills in French concentrating on weather and will work to produce a weather report which they will present at the end of term.

Children will need to bring the correct P.E kit into school for their P.E sessions this year. Year 5 and Year 6 have P.E on Tuesdays (there will also be extra sessions taken by Mr Jacobson throughout the term which will be sent out in a separate letter). PE this term will be taken from our new PE curriculum starting with the strand ‘cognitive’. Children will focus on coordination, agility and control of ball skills in well-planned out lessons which follow government guidance.

Homework for both year groups will be given out on a Friday and expected back on the Wednesday. We thank you for your continued support with home learning however we are emphasising to the children that where possible, these tasks are to be completed independently to prepare them for secondary school. It is also vital that children continue to practice their spellings, times tables and independent reading at home with recorded notes in reading record books.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact school and we will organise a meeting with you.

With best wishes, Charlotte Ramsden

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Miss Murray and Miss Ramsden

Overview Autumn Term 2021 Year 5 Topics